We are proud of our own Ohio professionals and educators who received distinguished honors from the 2017 ACES Conference.

NCACES Outstanding Diversity Award

Dr. Madeline Clark
University of Toledo
Nominator – Dr. John Laux

“Evidence of Dr. Clark’s passion for diversity emerged early in her academic training and persisted into her first appointment as a counselor educator. Dr. Clark’s research activity includes five (5) peer-reviewed journal publications. Dr. Clark is leading six additional research projects, four of which are multicultural in nature. Her research involves collaboration with peers and mentorship of doctoral students. She co-authored three book chapters and has a fourth under review. Her book chapters feature topics such as cultural relational and feminist theories, counseling queer and genderqueer clients, and the experiences of intersections of privilege and oppression.
Dr. Clark is the second author on a $480,000 grant submission to funding counselor-trainees’ education on working with clients from rural, vulnerable, and medically underserved populations.”

Dr. John Laux,
Professor of Counselor Education
Associate Dean of Student Affairs
University of Toledo

“Dr. Clark’s service and commitment to diversity extends to region, state, university, and College levels. For example, she was involved in the Social Justice interest network in the SACES region of ACES, and is currently involved as the Grants Czar for the Ohio Counseling Association. In addition, at the University of Toledo, she serves as the College of Health and Human Service’s College Diversity Officer. In this role, she leads the College’s diversity efforts, contributes to the development of the College’s diversity plan, and serves as a liaison between the University and the College. “
Dr. Danica Hays, Professor and Executive Associate Dean
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

“Whether through her research, teaching, or service, each project is well thought out and serves to benefit populations who are underprivileged, marginalized, underserved, economically disadvantaged, neglected, abused, distressed or simply in need. Likewise, she is exceptional at mentoring her students and fostering the professional and personal development of her master’s and doctoral-level students with regards to diversity, multiculturalism, and intersectionality. Dr. Clark’s research projects exemplify significant multicultural contributions to the profession of counseling and the overall well-being of others.” 
Dr. Christopher Roseman,
Associate Professor & Program Director at The University of Toledo

NCACES Outstanding Professional Teaching Award

Dr. Colette Dollarhide
The Ohio University
Nominator – Krista Predragovich – Doctoral Candidate

“Dr. Dollarhide is an excellent and enthusiastic teacher who is patient with her students and yet holds them to the highest standards. She so clearly understands that teaching is a combination of support and challenge. One of her gifts is her innate ability to know what each student needs at any given time and offer the right combination of these two motivators. Dr. Dollarhide teaches extremely difficult and personally challenging material, particularly in her program’s Multicultural Course, and she knows that students will come to understand and integrate the material in their own way, at their own pace, and through experiences that incorporate many different teaching approaches. She possesses an incredible ability to help each student discover the material in ways that are personally meaningful is inspiring, and she models and lives the lifelong learning approach. Dr. Dollarhide is not interested in being the expert or authority. She is truly a co-discoverer with her students, and her passion clearly lights the fires of social justice in the students she teaches.”
Krista Predragovich & Gayle Garcia
Doctoral Candidates
The Ohio State University

Dr. Darcy Haag Granello
Professor, Counselor Education
The Ohio State University

“The most powerful indicator of success, in my opinion, is reflected in the lasting significant relationships with students built by Dr. Dollarhide. Dr. Dollarhide has been teaching for decades. She has a legacy of students across the country that have benefited from her caring, personal approach to teaching. She still collaborates with many of these students to advance the profession of counseling. These relationships were originally formed in the classroom but last far beyond the scope of a semester of teaching. It is these relationships that truly illustrate the power of Dr. Dollarhide’s humanistic approach to teaching.”
Dr. Brett Zyromski
Assistant Professor, Counselor Education
The Ohio State University



The Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES) is the premier organization dedicated to quality education and supervision of counselors in all work settings.  ACES members are counselors, supervisors, graduate students, and faculty members who strive to improve the education and supervision of counselors in training and in practice. ACES and the regional associations host conferences to highlight research and best practices in supervision and in the training of counselors. In addition ACES publishes a quarterly journal, Counselor Education and Supervision, which presents current issues, relevant research, proven practices, ethical standards and conversations in counselor training and supervision. ACES members have been and continue to be trailblazers in terms of the competencies for supervision, counselor training, research, multicultural competence, and advocacy. Many of the leaders of the counseling profession are members of ACES and there are always opportunities to become involved in leadership through task forces, committees, interest networks, and elected positions.

Graduate students play an especially important role in ACES. Students enrolled in their doctoral studies in counselor education and supervision programs will find opportunities to work with and learn from current faculty members and leaders in the counseling profession. In addition, the conferences provide opportunities to network with other counseling professionals, and to present their research and experiences to professional colleagues.
The primary purpose of the Association, in accordance with the purpose of ACA, is to advance counselor education and supervision in order to improve the provision of counseling services in all settings.


You may join ACES by logging on to the ACA website, http://www.counseling.org or by calling ACA at 800-347-6647.


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