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OACES strives to advance the preparation, life-long professional development, and supervision of counselors and to enhance counseling services in all settings.

OACES adheres to the bylaws of the parent Association for Counselor Education and Supervision, the American Counseling Association and the Ohio Counseling Association.

Professional members of OACES support the transformative growth and development of students as they matriculate through master’s and doctoral counselor education programs throughout the state.

**********************SPRING 2015 OACES MEETING REGISTRATION*****************

April 17, 2015  9am-5pm at the Ohio Union on the campus of The Ohio State University

Please complete the form below and return your registration and payment to Dr. Christie Jenkins.  Email any questions to her at: cjenkins@fcapc.org

2015 OACES Spring Registration




****************SPRING 2015 OACES MEETING CALL FOR PROPOSALS*************

Greetings Fellow OACES Members

This is a call for proposals and roundtable submissions for the 2015 OACES Spring Conference. The Conference will be held in The Ohio Union on the campus of The Ohio State University on April 17, 2015.


The Conference theme was selected by our OACES President, Dr. Christie Jenkins and is OACES: Cultivating your own professional identity.

Two types of proposals will be accepted: traditional proposals for 50-minute presentations and roundtable discussions.  The goal of the roundtable discussions will be for OACES members to discuss topics that are of interest to the entire membership.  At the conclusion of the roundtable session, participants will be asked to provide the OACES Executive Board with suggestions and/or actions items that surfaced as a result of these discussions. Roundtable discussions will be scheduled at a separate time from the lunch/awards session and the 50-minute presentations.  For example, we’ll open the morning with 50-minute presentations, break for lunch, resume with the roundtables, and close with additional 50-minute presentation sessions.

Persons interested in submitting proposals for consideration for the 50-minute presentation format should click on the following link:


Persons interested in submitting proposals for consideration for the roundtable discussions click on the following link:


All proposals will be evaluated using the blind-review process.  Please feel free to forward this email to interested persons who may not be current members of OACES.

Questions about the conference program can be directed to Dr. John Laux @ john.laux@utoledo.edu








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