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OACES Directory 2013-14

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OACES supports the work of the Ohio School Counselor Association (OSCA)


The following information is from the OSCA Website.  It is the hope of OACES that School Counseling information be included in our work.

The Ohio School Counselor Association has spent over a year working to develop a standards-based evaluation system for school counselors in the wake of state-wide changes in teacher evaluations. That work has culminated in the introduction of the Ohio School Counselor Evaluation System (OSCES). While not recognized by the Ohio Department of Education, the OSCES is modeled after the new state teacher evaluation system. It is our hope that these resources will allow school counselors to advocate for appropriate and relevant evaluations. Multiple document formats are provided for you below.

OSCES Guide: This document will explain what the OSCES is and how it can be utilized by you and your administrator in developing an effective evaluation plan for school counselors.

OSCES Guide.doc

OSCES Guide.pdf

OSCES Forms: This document is the actual evaluation form and is a dynamic document allowing you to directly input your own information.

OSCES Forms.doc

OSCES Forms.pdf

OSCES Resources for Evidence: This document provides a wealth of resources and tools to help you effectively collect data and support your evaluation goals.

OSCES Resources For Evidence.doc

OSCES Resources For Evidence.pdf

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