In order to be a member of OACES, you need to join OCA.

If you are not a current OCA member, you can apply for membership online at the OCA website:

If you are a current OCA member, and would like to add OACES to your current membership, please go to the OCA website and print off a copy of the OCA membership application at:
Update your membership to include OACES. Send your application and payment to OCA . NOTE: Your OACES membership will expire at the time of your OCA membership, at which time you will need to reapply for both.


If you are interested in joining in the Ohio Counselor Education conversation, please join the Counselor Education Listserv by visiting this location:

Once registered, you may post your ideas, thoughts, needs and supervision offerings at the following address:

Thank you to Dr. Darcy Granello, Professor of Counselor Education at The Ohio State University for creating this resource to aid in your educational journey.

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